Spring Replacements

Garage Door Repair Sun City West AZ

Garage door springs come with a limited lifespan. Thus, they need to be changed from time to time. A squeaking or grinding sound while operating your garage door or if you feel that the door is not functioning smoothly; it may mean a defective door spring. Springs are a part of a garage door and not a door opener and they help in opening and closing garage doors. There are two types of springs. Extension springs are located on the either side of the door tracks. The torsion springs are located above the garage door opening. Removing or installing torsion springs is a very tough job. Therefore, it is not a good idea to try to do it yourself. Springs are under high tension and a slight mistake may cause severe injuries. Such things are best left to the experts. Our spring replacement service is much liked by all our clients. Our expert technicians are trained to quickly assess the problem at hand and provide the client with a suitable quote. Our technicians are well stocked with several standard size springs which enable instant repairs. They are also privy to measuring equipment which comes handy if the spring in question is not of a standard size. We are known for our quick and efficient door repair services.